Users are advised to carefully read all the information contained on the Company's website as well as the Terms, including the information they submit prior to their acceptance.

1. Cash on delivery
If you choose to send your order via Courier, you can make your purchases by cash on delivery with a surcharge of 2 €. Payment is made upon delivery of your order. COD is only available in cash and is accepted for amounts up to € 500, while it is excluded for larger amounts.

2. In our store
If you choose to pick up your order from our physical store at 11 Tsakalof Street, 10673, Athens, you can pay for it there upon your arrival.

4. Deposit in a bank account
You can choose the bank that facilitates you to deposit the amount of your order. In the bank deposit you must enter as a reason your full name and the number of the order. In case you choose as a method of payment the deposit in a bank account, please send the proof of deposit to
The bank accounts of BLOCK 21 SHOPS IKE, in which you can deposit the money are the following:

ALFA BANK: GR9501403100310002002045112

OPTIMA BANK: GR6003400220022007149027197

5. Online Payment by credit or debit card

You can pay for your order with either credit or debit card Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express.
The process of clearing your payment is undertaken by Viva Payments bank, thus ensuring the absolute security of your transaction.
When entering your card details, the bank does not charge the amount of your order, but binds it. The charge is made at the invoicing of your order. Payment is always made in a lump sum and there is no possibility of repayment in installments (even in the case of using a credit card).

6. Confirmation of receipt of payment order
Immediately upon receipt of the payment order, the Company provides or makes available to the payer, in printed form or by fixed means, the following information regarding the services provided by the Company:
a. the reference data enabling the payer to identify the payment transaction,
b. the amount of the payment transaction in the currency used in the payment order,
c. the amount of any charges for the payment transaction to be paid by the payer and, as the case may be, the breakdown of the amounts of these charges,
d. the date of receipt of the payment order.

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