"Modern, conscious, fair: We believe in a sustainable future and that is why we take responsibility for our environment. For us, fashion is more than "pieces". We do not chase the latest fashion trends. Our goal is to create timeless and time-resistant pieces made to stay.

We supply sustainable, high quality materials and pay special attention to acting harmoniously with people, animals and the environment throughout the production line. That's our contribution to a better world. "

Her name was the one that immediately caught our attention: Brava Fabrics. How nice to be called Brava! (Good) A Spanish brand, specifically from Barcelona that has come to stay.

At Brava, they constantly open their horizons through creativity, guided by visual culture. As they say, the world is full of beauties who enjoy exploring them and creating unique clothes through their stories. Result? Beautiful pieces with details that all have something to tell.

Music, culture, travel and art for Brava creators are sources of inspiration. Closely related to the things they love, each piece they create reflects details of their greatest passions.

They turn special moments and elements of everyday life into unique designs. Thus, combining sustainable fabrics and high quality materials, they create modern but timeless clothes. "Made to last."

"Made to last"

At Brava, they are committed to fairness and transparency throughout the supply chain. They work closely with studios in Spain and Portugal, knowing their partners personally and having daily contact with them.

Fair working conditions, safe working environment, reasonable working hours, legal commitment to work and a decent salary are necessary conditions for the people who make clothes in the times of overconsumption and fast fashion that we go through.

The materials used by Brava are 100% ecological, as it considers nowadays the protection of the environment is an obligation and not a choice. For this reason, all products are made from certified organic cotton, sustainable viscose, mulesing free merino wool and recycled polyester.

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